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Our Company

Poe Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering services in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Colorado. Our structural engineering services include the design of foundations, retaining walls, and structural framing. We also perform structural framing and foundation inspections. Our engineers have more than 45 years combined experience in structural design as well as 25 years experience in utility design and construction project management. 


Poe Engineering designs both residential and commercial projects using wood, reinforced concrete and structural steel. We also provide forensic engineering services such as structural assessments of buildings damaged by fire, wind, flood, settlement, and other causes.

Founded in 2004, Poe Engineering has grown in size and in engineering capabilities. Our values are built on understanding our customers’ needs and striving to provide the requested services while exceeding our clients’ expectations. We back this with a commitment to structural engineering excellence.

Poe Engineering, Inc. is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations: 

  • Memphis Area Home Builders Association 

  • American Society of Civil Engineers

  • American Institute of Steel Construction

  • Engineer’s Club of Memphis

  • Better Business Bureau 

Registered Professional Engineers in:

Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Building a strong foundation for the future

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