Poe Engineering has worked with thousands of homeowners, home builders, lenders, contractors, architects and real estate professionals.  Our staff has assisted in evaluating suspected structural damage or deficiencies, reviewed foundation and framing for compliance with local building code requirements and designed structural framing and foundations for renovations and new construction.

Structural Inspections

Perform inspections for lenders and property owners to determine the structural integrity of the building foundations and superstructure. Most often contacted in regard to problems found by home inspectors, pest control professional or appraisers. Reports are developed stating the problem and potential solutions, which often includes digital photographic documentation and recommendations for foundation stabilization.  Our reports can be used by the owners in obtaining competitive bids for repairs.

Structural Engineering – Planning & Design – New Construction

Provide the design and review of structural plans for residential and commercial projects.  Design structures to meet code requirements, including seismic design. 

Structural Engineering – Remodel/Repair Existing Structures

Provide inspection of existing projects and recommend methods of repair and replacement of defective members.  Involved in the planning and design of remodels, where beams and other structural members are needed. 

Foundation & Framing Inspections

Inspect foundation and framing of new construction for compliance of local building code requirements.  

Forensic Inspections

We provide forensic inspections related to insurance claims for fire, flood and wind damage.

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